Operation: Ronin over Syria
SRS Enabled


-- There are 3 attack zones initially NOT defended by AA or CAP

-- 3 comms towers at each location must be destroyed within 30 seconds of each other. 

-- Failure to destroy comms towers within the allotted time will activate enemy AA and CAP at each location.

-- Only successful coordinated strikes at each WP will win the closest airport. 


A successful run of this mission means that NO AA or CAP is ever activated. Teamwork is required to hit all 3 towers simultaneously. 

If either tower is damaged a 30 second timer is started - if any tower is still standing at the end of the 30 seconds AA and CAP are activated for that location making future attack runs much more difficult.

Do not loiter over any of the target bases. Once your presence is noticed some AA will engage but not the full complement available. 

This should be a coordinated precision strike. In and out like bam!

Printable Mission Briefing


Way points are general. Specific coordinates for each tower below: See image in briefing for target reference.

WP1 Targets:
Tower 1: N35°24’51”    E035°57’17"
Tower 2: N35°24’00”    E035°57’18"
Tower 3: N35°24’27”    E035°56’26”

WP2 Targets:
Tower 1: N35°45’03”    E037°03’39”
Tower 2: N35°43’58”    E037°04’46”
Tower 3: N35°44’17”    E037°06’59"

WP3 Targets:
Tower 1: N35°45’35”    E038°33’07”
Tower 2: N35°45’15"    E038°35’04”
Tower 3: N35°45’59"    E038°35’44"

Printable Mission Briefing


Temp: 20° C
Cloud Cover: Overcast
Cloud Base: 11024ft
QNH: 29.92

@ 33 feet 12kts @ 0°
@1600 feet 25kts @ 0°
Turbulence: 15


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