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The negotiations had been ongoing for the last week. Our diplomats and their's along with various security forces were all cooped up in the various hotels and convention centers along the Vegas strip. We are not sure what happened or who fired first.. but our diplomats have called in support. When they tried to leave however they found each of the buildings were surrounded.

We thought they would do this. And we've planned accordingly. Our guys can't just walk out, but neither can theirs.

We need Huey pilots with nerves of steel and the skill to get into tight spaces while under fire.

RED/BLUE TASKING is the same:
HELO's are to fly to the Vegas Strip and extract troops from the colored smoke, and return them to your FARP.

Each group retrieved grants additional ground forces.

CAS Flight - Eliminate enemy resistance along the Vegas strip. Watch friendly fire!! We have troops in the area!!

CAP Flight - Kill everyone that is not you.