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Blue has small number of High Value Assets trapped in the town of Kaspi (MM54).

RED Must hold the town and prevent extraction of the HVA's

BLUE Must extract 6 HVAs and return to FARP.




Prevent U.S. Helo's from extracting the HVA's located in the town of Kaspi

DESTROYING THE HVA PICKUP ZONE WILL NOT PREVENT BLUE FROM PICKING UP HVA's - you must eliminate the HELO before landing, during pickup, or while enroute back to FARP. IT'S FUN TO BLOW STUFF UP - BUT CONSIDER YOUR FRAME RATES! Special messages for shooting down a HELO with an Active HVA onboard.

Use all available ground assets to prevent U.S. Helo's from landing and retrieving their cargo. Helo's must land, wait 2 mins, and then return HVA to the FARP. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!



Perform a hot combat rescue in hostile territory picking up and returning to the FARP - **SIX** - High Value Assets (HVA's)

PICKUP LZ is extremely active and our guys are completely surrounded. We need Huey pilots with nerves of steel and the skill to get in, get our guys, and get out!

HVA is located in the town of Kaspi, completely surrounded by infantry and light armor. Reports from local towns folk indicate larger and more heavily armored convoys are moving into position. Unknown enemy makup. We just know our guys are surrounded and are under heavy fire. They have demanded our surrender! YEAH RIGHT!


We have limited armor near our FARP and the Air Fields. Use wisely as they are vastly outnumbred on the ground. Call out targets for airpower to destroy using JTAC abilities.


CAS/SEAD Flights - Clear the area of enemy AAA so that the huey's can get in there unscathed!


CAP - Clear the area of all hostile aircraft so that CAS/SEAD/HELO flights can do their job!


Discuss Operation Combat Rescue or our other missions in our forums.